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Studio Hire at PT Workspace

June 20, 2018
Studio Hire at PT Workspace

Studio Hire at PT Workspace

Since opening our doors in 2016 in the borough of Highbury & Islington, PT Workspace has gone from strength to strength and the fully equipped personal training studio has now many wonderful new additions like the recently renovated outside space. Our Facilities include but are not limited to, equipment such as weight racks, dumbbells, kettlebells, spin bike, battle ropes, punching bags, pull up bar, leg press, sledge, tyres (etc)

We understand more than most, how difficult it can be finding the right space in London. Which is why we are now offering studio hire opportunities at very good rates to photographers, videographers and personal trainers alongside collaborative projects & events relevant to the fitness industry. Whether personal or commercial we welcome you to get creative in our personal training studio with hourly and day rates avaliable.

Weekend Studio Rates

£60 per hour
£250 half day (based on 4 hours)
£500 full day. (based on 8 hours)

(Commercial rates may differ)

As we are a full time personal training studio, we do have personal trainers to consider when confirming your booking. Sundays generally have the most amount of availability and causes the least amount of confliction for the studio, so our prices are lower than weekdays and very competitive. Weekday bookings will be subject to the studio manager’s approval and will be priced at a premium.

For more Information please contact info@ptworkspace.co.uk with studio hire in the subject line.


P.S If you are interested in finding out more about personal training at PT Workspace you can contact info@ptwporkspace.co.uk. In addition why not take a look at some of the personal trainers who already work with us https://www.ptworkspace.co.uk/trainers/.