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20 Jun

Studio Hire at PT Workspace

Since opening our doors in 2016 in the borough of Highbury & Islington, PT Workspace has gone from strength to strength and the fully equipped personal training studio has now many wonderful new additions like the recently renovated outside space. Our Facilities include but are not limited to, equipment such as weight racks, dumbbells, kettlebells, spin bike, battle ropes, punching bags, pull up bar, leg press, sledge, tyres (etc)

We understand more than most, how difficult it can be finding the right space in London. Which is why we are now offering studio hire opportunities at very good rates to photographers, videographers and personal trainers alongside collaborative projects & events relevant to the fitness industry. Whether personal or commercial we welcome you to get creative in our personal training studio with hourly and day rates avaliable.

Weekend Studio Rates

£60 per hour
£250 half day (based on 4 hours)
£500 full day. (based on 8 hours)

(Commercial rates may differ)

As we are a full time personal training studio, we do have personal trainers to consider when confirming your booking. Sundays generally have the most amount of availability and causes the least amount of confliction for the studio, so our prices are lower than weekdays and very competitive. Weekday bookings will be subject to the studio manager’s approval and will be priced at a premium.

For more Information please contact info@ptworkspace.co.uk with studio hire in the subject line.


P.S If you are interested in finding out more about personal training at PT Workspace you can contact info@ptwporkspace.co.uk. In addition why not take a look at some of the personal trainers who already work with us https://www.ptworkspace.co.uk/trainers/.

15 Jun

PT Workspace Football Club…

There is nothing  quite like getting together with an awesome group of individuals and blowing off some steam on the football pitch. Whatever week you’ve had up until this point, is left at the side of the pitch before the whistle goes and the excitement begins. Specially with the World Cup now in motion, it could not be a more inspiring time to get outside in the late evening sun and break a sweat.



We recently created PT Workspace FC to carry forward a sense of community which we are trying to build here at the PT Workspace personal training studio. Whether you are a personal trainer, client working with one of the talented trainers at PT Workspace, or a neighbour of the studio, then we invite you to join our football team and enjoy having a kick around on a Wednesday evening with us. Each week we have a match against other local businesses in the area, so it’s a great way to meet new people too! Whilst there is an element of competitiveness, the aim of the game is to have fun more than anything else.


Wednesday Evening 

11 aside 

£10 each game

35mins each half

Market road not far from Caledonian Road tube station


If you would like to join the PT Workspace community and football team email Nathand@ptworkspace.co.uk

P.S If you are interested in finding out more about personal training at PT Workspace you can contact info@ptwporkspace.co.uk. In addition why not take a look at some of the personal trainers who already work with us https://www.ptworkspace.co.uk/trainers/.

28 May

Summer Time at PT Workspace

This summer we have had great fun renovating the front entrance of PT Workspace, into a user friendly space for personal trainers and clients to utilise. When the sun has everyone smiling, we know that you want to feel those rays too, so we have given you the best of both worlds! Sunshine outside or a cool personal training space on the inside! Although we anticipated a good reception to the newly laid astro turf, it has been amazing to watch the personal trainers we work with making the most out of the additional equipment too! From Boxing bags to sledges we have your summer covered!

Take a sneak peek around PT Workspace…

Below the studio manger Nathan has put together a short video, showing you how many sets could be done with just the a tyre alone! Including a random interval from the next door neighbour.

See if you can add one set to your summer routine…

P.S If you are interested in finding out more about personal training at PT Workspace you can contact info@ptwporkspace.co.uk. In addition why not take a look at some of the personal trainers who already work with us https://www.ptworkspace.co.uk/trainers/.

14 May

Justin ST Paul’s Top Tips for Summer

PT Workspace has recently had the pleasure of welcoming WBFF pro & personal trainer Justin St Paul alongside 1st Man London to our personal training studio, to share with you some of his top tips for Summer. As an athlete and PT, Justin has compiled some essential exercises to help burn fat and build muscle on those all important areas, which have you feeling a little self-conscious so you can face the summer with confidence.

Check out the video below and see if you could add one or more of these exercises to your workout routine.



P.S If you are interested in finding out more about personal training at PT Workspace you can contact info@ptwporkspace.co.uk. In addition why not take a look at some of the personal trainers who already work with us https://www.ptworkspace.co.uk/trainers/.

07 May

Conquering Mount Snowdon

This weekend past the weather has smiled upon us all across the UK, as PT Workspace ascended the death defying Crib Goch route to the summit of Mount Snowdon in Wales. All for a fantastic cause of course… Sport Relief! It felt incredible to reach the top in an amazing time with our tour guide who was super helpful, he even showed us a more scenic route down the mountain where less hikers walked.

Mount Snowdon

Before we set off we  donned our PT Workspace T-shirts for the climb and when we met with our guide at the Pen Y Pass (the starting point for most hikes up Snowdon) our tour guide asked “so which route would you like to take?” in which we responded “the hardest route possible” aside from scaling the mountain itself, we were not disappointed!

Mount Snowdon

A few thing we have most definatly learnt and will take forward is:

  • Break your hiking boot in before you hike a mountain. It can be very painful otherwise.
  • Hiking socks will bring your feet better comfort.
  • Pack lots of water (we did almost 6 bottles)
  • Pack a hat- Sunburn can be sneaky
  • Pack Sun lotion and apply more than once!
  • Little snacks were a great boost like cereal bars and nuts.
  • Layers were great when there were areas of cold, including waterproofs.
  • Hiking boots really supported the ankle, but many opt for trail trainers which are still great.
  • We packed Compeed plasters just in case of blisters, but we were fortunate.
  • Sunglasses were great when the eyes needed a rest from the sun.
  • Eating a good meal the day before with carbohydrates helped with consistently burning energy on the hike.
  • Have a great charity to support really helped maintain a great momentum throughout the day.

Our tour guide had essentials such as a tent and first aid kit in case of emergencies, so if we were going alone up Snowdon then these might be additional pieces to pack due to any number of unpredictable circumstances which could occur. But luck would have it that the weather was amazing and a very helpful tour guide made the experience one to remember.

Mount Snowdon

Choosing the Crib Goch route to the summit of Mount Snowdon was a full body workout in parts having to coordinate both hands and feet at the same time. Training in advance really made a difference to the whole experience, If you are taking part in an exciting challenge this year and would like some guidance, then we are happy to offer our expert advice on training and gaining your personal best.


P.S If you are interested in finding out more about personal training at PT Workspace you can contact info@ptwporkspace.co.uk. In addition why not take a look at some of the personal trainers who already work with us https://www.ptworkspace.co.uk/trainers/.


21 Apr

How to build a successful Instagram profile

Growing your client base is heavily based around good marketing skills, whether that’s by wearing branded clothing to draw attention to your business or by giving out business cards. However nowadays clients are looking more at online platforms to grow their businesses and one of the main places is through Instagram. But how do you grow your client base through the app?

Create engaging content

Firstly i have found if you want to get more clients you need to build up your social following and the best way to do this is by creating engaging and interesting content potential clients would want to follow. Ask yourself before posting ‘would I like or follow this person from this video or picture’ if the answer is no it’s time to vamp up your content and the quality of your pictures and videos.

Look and act the part

At the end of the day clients are choosing you because you are living and breathing the lifestyle they want to be a part of. If you aren’t portraying a healthy lifestyle in your posts why would a potential client buy into what your selling. Instead post pictures of you training, workout videos, healthy meals and good quality photos of you showing your love of health and fitness. Client transformations are another fantastic method to showcase your results!

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to be discovered by potential clients. Using good hashtags such as #fitness, #health, #personaltrainer will be such a broadly searched term that clients may discover your photo simply by clicking on the tag.

However, with this said if the photo is good quality and an interesting enough picture they may click on it and go to your profile, but if it’s a low quality, uninteresting photo it may be ignored through the other mass of Instagram users using the same hashtags so make sure your post stands out from the crowds.

Good luck creating your new Instagram account and finding new clients!

Vicky Hadley

Blogger at Bikinigirlsdiary.com

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an independent personal trainer at PT Workspace then you can contact info@ptwporkspace.co.uk to find out more. Or take a look at some of the personal trainers who already work with us https://www.ptworkspace.co.uk/trainers/.

12 Apr

What you should consider when choosing the right personal trainer for you

The decision has been made, you know you want to get fit and you know you may need some help in achieving your goals – but how do you decide which personal trainer would be best suited to help you?

Firstly, not all personal trainers are the same. They will have different qualifications, different skill sets, different personalities and have different ideas. The important thing to remember is that you want a personal trainer who will help you achieve your objectives and be good for you!

Some of the areas that you should consider when making your decision as to which personal trainer to work with are:

  • Do they have the necessary skills that you might require?
  • Do you like their personality (you will be spending a lot of time with them!)
  • Is the personal trainer available to train you at a local gym?
  • Is the personal trainer available to train you at times to suit both of your work/life patterns?
  • Is the cost of the training suitable for your budget?
  • Does the personal trainer have the right set of qualifications and experience for your needs?


Personal Trainer Skill Set

Some trainers have specific specialities and this may be a reason for choosing your particular personal trainer.  For example, some trainers specialise in female or male only clients which can be very reassuring as the “one size fits all” does not apply here.

The personal trainer may specialise in competitive training and if they compete themselves or take their other clients to shows then their experience and knowledge could be very valuable to you if you are looking to compete.  If you want to run a marathon it helps if your trainer has already completed one!

If the personal trainer has a portfolio or showcase of clients they have worked with this could be very useful if you are aiming for a specific goal, as you can compare your needs to the actual progress of other clients. Whether you want to lose weight or increase your strength and fitness, if your personal trainer has specific experience your goal becomes much more achievable.

Qualifications and experience

It is important that you work with someone who carries liability insurance (or has it organised through the gym that you attend).  You can always ask for a trainer’s references – most personal trainers are happy to provide testimonials from previous and existing clients.

It is always advisable to ensure that your personal trainer is aware of your medical conditions and any current or previous injuries.  This will affect how your training proceeds so don’t be shy – it is better to be open and honest and get the right type of training then be persuaded to carry out certain exercises that will hurt you!  If the personal trainer doesn’t ask for relevant medical history, then this may be a warning sign that you are not talking to the right personal trainer!  If you do have injuries a sports physio may be the best option as they will have a better idea of what your capabilities are at the moment and the time span needed to progress properly.

Cost of your training

This will vary depending on how many sessions you want to attend per week, how close you are to your training venue and whether you work out in a gym or your home.  Many personal trainers offer discounts on a block of sessions which helps with the cost and also helps you organise your sessions efficiently.  Perhaps a good tip would be to pay in full for your first session to make sure you feel comfortable with your new personal trainer before you pay for a block of sessions.  After all, you will be spending a lot of time with your trainer so as well as achieving results you should feel that you can ask questions and feel motivated to train.  It is not very cost efficient to pay for ten sessions and only attend two!


This follows on from the above, make sure you enjoy your personal trainer’s company so that you feel motivated and eager to train.  The happier you feel the quicker you will achieve results.  Ask the personal trainer why they got involved in training and you may find that this helps you decide whether the trainer is right for you.  The personal trainer who is an ambassador of their work, training hard themselves as well as asking you to train hard is much more motivational and you will find yourself much happier to trust their opinion and feel confident if you have shared goals.

Nutrition and beyond

It is easy just to focus on the gym, “I’ve done my two hours workout, now I can relax” but that leaves out a major part of keeping fit and healthy.  Your diet is an essential part of your healthy lifestyle and a good personal trainer should be able to advise on the best diet to suit your lifestyle and fitness goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain body strength; whether you want to run your first marathon or improve your gymnastic ability; a good personal trainer can not only help you achieve your objectives, they can provide a positive and enjoyable lifestyle.

Take a look at some of the personal trainers who already work with us https://www.ptworkspace.co.uk/trainers/.

05 Apr


Making the transition from working within a gym environment to going it alone as a self employed PT can be challenging, but it is not without it’s rewards. It takes courage and determination to step away from the familiar, and trust you will do what it takes to be a success.

To be successful as an independent PT you are essentially your own business, which in turn means having to market yourself as one. Surrounding yourself with like minded supportive individuals in an environment like PT Workspace, will give you room to grow. These 5 easy to use Apps will help you along the way too! So you can free up time doing the fun stuff like… Personal training.

APPs you should really download:

Marketing App

1. Ted Talks– Business can come naturally to some, however for the rest of us it’s a case of having to learn along the way. Ted Talks will not only be inspirational but insightful also, and when you’re finished you can share your new found video with the rest of the world. You can search archives for all the best presentations, such as Simon Sinek who is a great starting point.

Marketing App

2. Hootsuite– Assuming you are already on the relevant social media channels to market yourself as a PT (instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin etc)  Hootsuite will help you manage those channels by allowing you to schedule social media posts across all platforms. This will enable you to release posts at the relevant times throughout the day when you might be busy or preoccupied.

canva app

3. Canva – Photo sharing for personal trainers along with videos are a must, to enable showcasing your unique skill set. If you chose to want to make these images a little more refined with various fonts, or visually stronger like they have been designed by a graphic designer. Then Canva or Over are a must have app on your phone.

imovie appstore image

4. IMovie– Many personal trainers use short video to develop social media presence as well as demonstrate knowledge and understanding. Imovie can help elevate your movies as well as edit them. So if you would like to add a little something extra which adds visual strength to what you are sharing then give it a try.

Marketing App

5. Wunderlist– We have all heard the saying ‘money is time’ well Wunderlist helps you organise your time to make sure even the smallest of tasks are organised. So when you are not focusing on personal training, you will be remembering to finally get that post scheduled for social media tomorrow, or pick up the pint of milk you forgot on your way home last night. It is the App which helps you get stuff done.

I hope some of these Apps will help make marketing yourself as a personal trainer slightly easier and more efficient.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an independent personal trainer at PT Workspace you can contact info@ptwporkspace.co.uk to find out more. Take a look at some of the personal trainers who already work with us https://www.ptworkspace.co.uk/trainers/.

28 Feb

Winter Sports- With the Winter Olympics officially over, many of us are feeling inspired. From training for the marathon to skiing there’s so many fun and different ways to get our exercise in during the winter months.

If you’re planning on going skiing or snowboarding but have little to no experience don’t panic, your personal trainer is a lot more equipped to help you than you may initially have thought! Your personal trainer can prepare workouts and exercises for you that are specially designed to support your goals.

Much like most exercises skiing and snowboarding require good core stability as you need to be able to engage your core whilst on the slopes in order to improve your balance and remain in an upright position whilst speeding downhill with a much less likely change of getting injured due to falling. So, asking your trainer for exercises that will strengthen up your core would be extremely beneficial!

Some of our favourite core strengthening exercises are:

  1. Oblique twist How to do it? Sit on a mat with your legs bent and raised in the air at 45 degrees. Cross your ankles. Whilst looking straight ahead hold the dumbbell in both hands at chest height with your elbows bent. Twist your torso to one side using your abs to control the speed of the dumbbell and lower the dumbbell to the ground before twisting your torso to the other side.Why is it good? By moving the dumb-bell from side to side with your legs in the air the exercise will help target your obliques, strengthen your abs and improve your balance.
  1. Hanging knee raisesHow to do it? Holding on to the handles of a pull up machine, raise your knees in the air and crunch them into your core before lowering them again without placing your feet on the ground. You should be suspended in the air hanging.Why is it good? This exercise works the upper part of the stomach which will help to reveal the upper part of a six pack. This exercise requires control and strength in the core so as not to rock and can be progressed onto straight leg raises once it becomes easy. This exercise will improve your arm strength as well!
  1. Plank How to do it? The best method to perform the perfect plank is to ensure your hips aren’t raised too high or dipped to low. Start by propping up onto your elbows and drive your bodyweight back into your heels. Next tense your abs tightly and squeeze your glutes. Start by holding the plank for thirty seconds and slowly try to increase the timer to a minute then to up to two minutes.
    Once you’ve nailed the plank make it a little harder by pushing up from your elbows onto your hands and then coming back down to your elbows without putting your knees down for the whole 30 seconds, working on increasing the timer each time you practice.Why it is good? The plank is a great exercise to help you increase the strength in your abs whilst additionally building lean muscle mass in your arms. One of the other top benefits of performing the plank is that it can be done in short blasts whilst still leaving you feeling worked out.

Other exercises that will build up your lower body leg strength would also be beneficial to your training regime. You would be able to improve your power and stability and lessen your chances of falling over whilst on the slopes.

Why not enquire at PT Workspace for a trainer who can help you develop strength to achieve your goals now.

If you are interested in finding out more about personal training at PT Workspace you can contact info@ptwporkspace.co.uk. In addition take a look at some of the personal trainers who already work with us https://www.ptworkspace.co.uk/trainers/.

15 Feb

London Marathon April 22nd 2018

It is that time of year where thought becomes action!  The London Marathon is taking place this year on 22 April 2018 and if you’ve always wanted to run a Marathon but were not quite sure whether you were ready for it, or how to get yourself into peak physical condition, then read on!

Running that marathon may be something that you have done before, and you may be eager to take part but what if you have been talked into it by friends/colleagues who would like you to participate but you are not quite as confident or experienced as they are?  Well for all you budding marathon runners here are a few tips to help you which will also act as a reminder for the experienced runners amongst you!


Lots of people take part for different reasons, you may not be aiming to beat Paula Radcliffe’s world record of 2 hours, 15 minutes and 25 seconds, but lots of serious runners will have their own personal time challenges to achieve.  Some people run for fun and to support charities and may not be aiming for speed but endurance is still key!  So even if you don’t really want or expect to win, make sure you train properly to prevent unnecessary injuries or aggravate old ones.

Getting into Shape

There is a lot of training needed in order to get into the best possible physical condition before you run that marathon.  Firstly, it is probably worth checking with your doctor that there is no medical reason why you shouldn’t take part.

The Right Personal Trainer

Once you have the all clear then start planning your training sessions.  You may find that asking a Personal Trainer to make sure you prepare properly would give you that expert help that makes the difference between starting and finishing!

A personal trainer can help with workouts that are specially designed to support your marathon goals. If the personal trainer has already competed in a marathon or is aiming on attending with you even the better as they will know from personal experience how your body and muscles are going to react to the pressure and stress and can tailor make your workouts. A good place to start your search for the best trainer for you could be at your local gym.

Exercises that are suited to Marathon Runners

Improving your general physical fitness is very important although different personal trainers will have their own ideas as to how best get you ready for that important day.

Some of the following will apply to you:

  • Improving the strength of your muscles will make your body stronger and less likely to receive an injury
  • Cardiovascular conditioning helps with your stamina, thereby making the marathon more fun
  • Building up leg muscles with squats such as barbell squats, and exercises such as calf raises
  • Jumping exercises such as box jumps improve leg strength and for the more experienced plyometric exercises will assist in strength and directional change of movement
  • Building up and maintaining a steady pace over long distances and extending the time spent running is an essential form of preparation
  • Deadlift weight lifting builds up endurance, strengthens the core, legs and the lower back but is best carried out under the eagle eye of a qualified personal trainer due to the higher risk of injury from this type of exercise
  • Additional training exercises such as upper body workouts, abdominal training and endurance exercises should all be part of the preparation

But don’t overdo the exercise – remember you want to be fit and able for the marathon!

Also Keep a close eye on your Diet

Remember what goes into your body is fuel for your training so make sure you eat healthily and regularly with the right proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates to sustain your training and fitness levels.

And finally, the most important part – Enjoy yourself and good luck.

– and afterwards take the advice of your personal trainer in allowing your body to   have a well-deserved rest and gradual build up again after the hard work!

If you are interested in finding out more about personal training at PT Workspace you can contact info@ptwporkspace.co.uk. In addition take a look at some of the personal trainers who already work with us https://www.ptworkspace.co.uk/trainers/.