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Pricing Plans for PT’s

How much will it cost you?

Personal Trainer Studio Rental Plan

Gone are the fixed monthly gym rental options. Personal trainers have had a tough time finding spaces to grow a business. Many studios and Gyms have profited on the backs of very motivated and hardworking trainers. A fitness rental plan must be fair for everyone and create an environment where personal trainers can grow and develop a client base at a fair price. Choose a package that best suits your business needs.

Packages Based on 1-2-1 Personal Training

6 Sessions
£20 per hour
Our introductory package for trainers who would like to try us out or are just starting.
12 Sessions
£17.50 Per Hour
This package suits our most flexible trainers who utilise our gym space on a part time basis.
30 sessions
£15 per hour
This package suits personal trainers regularly delivering between 3 and 5 sessions a week.
60 Session
£12.50 per hour
This package suits personal trainers regularly delivering between 10-15 sessions a week.

PT Workspace Membership

Join today for £12.99 a month
Full use of studio facilities and unlimited flexibility when booking your sessions. No expiry on your purchased package or pressure to use up what you purchase within a month. Become part of a growing community and be the first to receive additional extras that come with joining the membership. Cancel your membership at any time, no hidden charges, contracts or cancellation fees. Find out more by asking a member of the team today!

Why join our Personal Trainer community?

There can be many challenges to choosing a space to bring clients. Is the studio manager difficult, would my client like the quality and would I be able to generate income at the price of the rent? We have taken the time to build a system that offers personal trainers top of the range equipment and consultation area, while being part of one of London’s most successful personal training studios. Our fitness rental model allows flexibility for a pay as you go or commit to larger packages and save on your margins.


PT Workspace Key Features

Gain early access to our personal training business platform that can change your life not tomorrow but today.


Change can be scary ,but we will help you transition to PT Workspace if you need help or guidance


Flexible packages with no hidden fees


Book all your sessions easily with our user friendly booking app


Build your client base from our private personal training studio


Train who you want, when you want


Work alongside like minded individuals, passionate about the fitness industry


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