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We believe each trainer has the ability to reach more customers, deliver better results and improve earning potential. Many trainers work tirelessly for the large gym chains and receive little to no support or rewards. Trainers are experts in their field, have ambition and exciting new business ideas, but find it difficult to train clients independently or reach new clientele. We support hardworking trainers with client referrals, luxury gym space, and competitive rental packages.

Pricing Plans

Rental packages and Memberships

PT Workspace Key Features

Gain early access to our personal training business platform that can change your life not tomorrow but today.


Change can be scary ,but we will help you transition to PT Workspace if you need help or guidance


Flexible packages with no hidden fees


Book all your sessions easily with our user friendly booking app


Build your client base from our private personal training studio


Train who you want, when you want


Work alongside like minded individuals, passionate about the fitness industry

Our Gym Facilities

Our Bright & Modern Studios comes with CV conditioning, Weights, Outdoor Space and other useful features that a personal training session needs.

About Us

We provide flexible and affordable private studio space for personal trainers to work from. Our facilities come equipped with everything you need for your PT sessions. We understand first & foremost as a personal trainer the difficulty in finding suitable training spaces to work from.


London, Harrow, Essex
We take pride on being the industry leading fitness workspace. Each of our locations are founded by trainers for trainers. All our facilities are within close proximity of key transport links.

Flexible Hours

To Train Clients
Tailor your day to suit your clients and book in only the times you need for your training sessions. 24 Hours a day 7 days a week. No exclsuions for Bank Holidyas.

Save Money

Low Cost Access
No more fixed monthly over heads, choose a mix of flexible rental and membership options. You can choose to pay as you go or choose to join one of our brand new membership options.

Gym Hire & Production

We have been creating amazing spaces to hire for both Film, Classes & Private content. Open to personal trainers and media partners.

Film & Photography

We offer full access to private Gym space for Filming and Photogrpahy

Rental and Memberships

Within our business model we have established a unique relationship between trainers and our workspaces. We offer rental packages and supportive memberships to help your grow your personal training business.

Pricing Plans

Rental packages and Memberships

Our Locations

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