Premium Gym Rental for Personal Trainers ✔

Explore our fantastic range of gym spaces to rent for personal training sessions! Select from flexible packages tailored to meet your personal training business needs.
private gym to hire or rent

Bespoke for One to One Private Sessions

All our spaces are tailored for you to rent private gym space for one-on-one personal training sessions. You'll never feel overcrowded or uncomfortable, enabling you to charge what you're worth and value your time.

Discover State of the Art facilities

We've curated trainer-only locations built to the highest standards, featuring equipment from Primal Strength, Black Box, and Origin Fitness. Our hand-picked specialist fitness testing equipment and strength training facilities are set in a spacious, modern environment.

Prime Locations

London, Harrow, Essex, Milton Keynes
We are proud to be the forefront fitness workspace in the industry. Our facilities are situated near major transportation hubs and offer all the necessary amenities for personal trainers to easily hire and rent.

Book around your schedule

Flexible Packages
Customize your schedule to accommodate your clients by booking only the times you require for your training sessions. Enjoy the flexibility of up to one year expiration on all our personal training rental packages.

Make more Money

Low Cost Access
No more fixed monthly over heads, choose a mix of flexible rental and membership options. You can choose to pay as you go or choose to join one of our brand new personal training business memberships.

Why Trainers choose us..🤙 Flexible & Affordable

Hear from the trainers that work with us.

Modern Facility Management | Film🎥 | Promote ⭐ | Grow🚀

PT Workspace has been at the forefront of supporting fitness professionals since 2016. As the pioneers of exclusive rental for gym spaces, we understand the challenges and dedication required to establish a thriving business in this fiercely competitive industry.
Studio Rental Packages

Studio Rental Packages

Book flexible packages
We take pride in offering fully-equipped fitness spaces that cater to the needs of personal trainers. When you choose to hire and rent gym space with us, you gain the advantage of conducting your business effortlessly.
Hire our space

Hire our space

Workshops, Film & Production and Events
Our space is designed to support your business, with availability for Production, Workshops and Events. Our experienced partners can fulfill all your production needs.
Business Support

Business Support

Mentorship & Up-skilling
We facilitate the advancement of your personal training business to find new client for your own business. Building website, Social media and Paid marketing services available.

Opportunities to Scale your Business- In-Person and Online 🚀

Within our business model we have established a unique relationship between trainers and our workspaces. We offer rental packages and supportive memberships to help your grow your personal training business.

Private gym spaces for Rent 👉

Explore our conveniently situated fitness studios in Islington, London; Harrow, Greater London; Chelmsford, Essex; and Milton Keynes. These spaces are available for personal trainers to rent by the hour, offering flexible booking options.
Central London
Central London
Greater London
Greater London
Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes


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