Frequently asked questions by Personal Trainers.

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Where are you based?

PT Workspace is currently based in Islington about 10 mins away from Highbury & Islington underground tube station and less than 5 minutes from Essex road.

How does studio hire work at PT Workspace?

We try and make our packages flexible so as to meet the needs of all the independent trainers which work with us. No pressure, hidden fees or contracts and everything can be booked via our booking App so peak times are controlled. There is no expiry date on our packages which means there is no pressure for you to use what you purchase all at once. If you choose to spread the sessions throughout the year then that fine with us.

Do i need any paperwork prior to starting?

Please note you will need to show proof of Public Liability before training clients at PT Workspace.

How do i book my sessions?

It’s very simple! 🙂 Sign up to the PT Workspace booking app and register your details. Then choose the package you would like to start with. Each session is one hour, and there are five available spaces for each slot. It’s first-come, first-served basis on the space available, and you have up until 24 hours prior to move or cancel your booking.

Any Issues please contact the studio manager.

Can I personal train couples?

Yes, that’s no problem at all! You will find a special package available for couples on the booking app. Please use this package when booking your duo sessions.

Does booking the price of a group, cost the same as the price of the standard packages?

Whilst our rates are very competitive, they are priced according to one to one personal training. If you are training a group 2+ people then please talk to us directly about group sessions.

Do I have to leave my current job to join PT Workspace?

Absolutely Not! You are your own boss, many of the independent personal trainers we work with have other commitments. You are most welcome to use PT Workspace as often as you wish.

Can I start personal training my clients straight away?

Absolutely! All we ask is that you take the time to come down and have a look at our personal training studio, check it has everything you need for you and your clients.

Any questions the studio manager will be on hand to talk you through the runnings of the studio and the booking system for booking your sessions.

*Please note you will need to show proof of Public Liability before training clients at PT Workspace.

Please book first…

How much does it cost to hire the studio for a class or group training?

If you would like to hire the studio for Yoga, HIIT, Boxing or any other exciting class which you would like to host than we would love to hear from you.

We offer full private use of the studio for rental of classes at £45.00 per hour, Please talk to us about availability.

Frequently asked questions about Personal Training.

Do We offer Personal Training?

Yes, we do, we work alongside some of London’s best independent personal trainers who are incredibly talented at what they do. You can find our Personal Trainer Directory via the Looking For A Personal Trainer Page . Click on the personal trainers’ profile to find out more!

By filling out the questionnaire via the Request button, we can help you find the perfect personal trainer to match your goals. Don’t worry if you are not too sure who to pick, or would rather we chose for you. We can help you based on the information you provide.

What is the cost of personal training?

The price of personal training can vary, from trainer to trainer and this is dependent on many factors. Such as Experience, Amount of Time practising, Availability etc. So on average the personal trainers we work with usually charge between £40-£60 per hour.

Please note all personal trainers we work with set their own rates.

Can I train with my partner or friend?

We are more than happy to accommodate you and partner/friend for a duo personal training session at PT Workspace. You may be subject to limited time slots during the week, if PT Workspace is at full capacity during peak times, however, please talk to us first to be sure we cannot accommodate your times.

Please share more details with us and we will try our best to assist you.

Is there personal training available for pregnant or postnatal women?

We do offer personal training to both pregnant and postnatal women. We work with personal trainers who have a great deal of experience creating specialist training programs to accommodate these requirements. Please do talk to us or explore our PT Directory

Is there parking at PT Workspace?

Yes, there is parking at PT Workspace, we do not have parking on the premises. However, there is pay and display available for vehicles along Shepperton road.

Do you have personal trainers which specialise in injury rehab?

If you have an injury or a recurring injury which you think we should know about, then please do talk to us. We have personal trainers who specialise in injury rehab. http://www.ptworkspace.co.uk/trainer-request/

Do you offer classes?

Yes, we do offer classes, Currently, we offer…

Wednesday: HIIT Class at 11.30am (£15)

Saturday: Ladies Boxing 8.45am (£15)

All available to drop in…

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