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Personal training in Harrow

Our studio in harrow brings together the combination of luxury and modern facilities with expert care. Our personal trainers embody a holistic approach to health and fitness. Each trainer is handpicked to match your goals. With a team covering over 30 years of exercises and performance we can cater to your needs.


Our single focus is that each and every session creates an environment that keeps you wanting to come back and build an adherence to exercises long term. We like to think our PT Workspaces are where exercise becomes part of the community & lifestyle in each area

Hand-Picked Trainers Bespoke to your goals

PT Workspace is very different to most gyms, we are a private 1 to 1 experience. This means no waiting for equipment or relying on people to finish their workouts. Each personal trainer will make sure you routine and training sessions is planned and ready to go on your arrival. Each personal trainer is handpicked to keep track of your goals both short and long term. No matter if it’s for a wedding or for injury rehab our trainers understand what it takes to maximise results.

Strength Training


  Posture & Conditioning

Injury Rehab


  Toning and Shape

  Muscle growth



Nutritional guidance


  Health Assessment

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