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Our fitness classes are located in Islington, based near Essex Road, Angel, Highbury and Islington and Old Street. These classes will consist of High-intensity interval workouts, Strength training, Boxing, Yoga and Pilates. PT Workspaces houses some of London’s best trainers and therefore has some exclusive classes in Islington bespoke to cover all your group exercise needs.

Small Group Personal Training Classes: Your Path to Fitness Success

Are you looking for a more personalized and engaging fitness experience? Look no further! Our Small Group Personal Training classes offer the perfect balance between individual attention and the motivating power of group dynamics.

Private 6 member groups

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Experience the Power of Strength-Based Small Group Personal Training!

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and build a strong, resilient body? Our Strength-Based Small Group Personal Training is designed to help you achieve remarkable results while focusing on building lean muscle, increasing strength, and improving overall functional fitness. Join us and discover the transformative power of strength training in a supportive and motivating group setting!


Cardio, Functional Speed, Metabolic Conditioning, Power, Strength
Challenge yourself with our brutal HIIT Xtreme. Look out for a variety of High-Intensity interval training patterns manipulated at the very top of the exercise spectrum. Specially chosen cardiovascular equipment, power and speed-based explosive exercises. Utilizing some of the most challenging exercises in calisthenics.
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Strength Training

Strength Training

Muscle Gain, Power, Rehabilitation, Strength, Tone Up, Weight Loss
Our Strength-Based Small Group Personal Training classes are specifically designed to help you tap into your hidden strength and unleash your full potential. Led by experienced trainers in Islington, these classes prioritize compound exercises, resistance training, and progressive overload techniques to help you build lean muscle, increase your power, and improve your overall strength. Get ready to discover the incredible strength that lies within you!
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No more overcrowded classes

PT Workspace offers a private feel with a modern class number more aligned to small group PT. This means every class has an instructor that can check technique correctly and make everyone is pushing themselves. Each class has an expert trainer picked from our amazing community of personal trainers.
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