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Class / Cardio, Functional Speed, Metabolic Conditioning, Power, Strength

About HIIT XTREME class

Challenge yourself with our brutal HIIT Xtreme. Look out for a variety of High-Intensity interval training patterns manipulated at the very top of the exercise spectrum. Specially chosen cardiovascular equipment, power and speed-based explosive exercises. Each class will use a variety of weighted vests to increase intensity on curved treadmills, introduce different plyometrics and test the maximal limits of some of the most challenging exercises known to calisthenics. If you are tired of basic bodyweight exercises, conventional running patterns then this is the class for you.

  • Weighted Cardio
  • Explosive speed & Power
  • Advanced Caleshstenics
  • Plyometics

This class is recommended for those with a good general fitness level and experience with forms of resistance training and running. Always recommend bringing your A-game.

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