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Personal Trainer
Together, we will unlock your inner reservoir of confidence and strength, enabling a transformation in your fitness and physique. Thiago will meticulously design a program that caters specifically to your goals and requirements, whether they involve weight loss, strength building, recovering from an injury, or achieving a personal best in a competitive event. And if you're unsure about your specific goals, worry not; a comprehensive plan for overall health and well-being can also be tailored to meet your needs.


With over 16 years of industry experience, Thiago Farias specializes in crafting personalized fitness plans. He tailors individual sessions to your unique goals and body, helping you unlock your inner confidence and strength for a transformative fitness journey.¬†Recognizing your body’s uniqueness, Thiago adapts your plan and offers nutritional guidance. Say goodbye to self-limitations during workouts; Thiago’s expert guidance ensures maximum progress, pushing you past doubts and boosting motivation, form, and self-assurance.

With Thiago by your side, every session maximizes your progress towards achieving your personal best in strength, flexibility, or cardiovascular fitness, always pushing your limits and providing unwavering support.


Thiago is available through PT Workspace for personal training in Islington, personal training in Angel, personal training in Old Street, personal training in Dalston, personal training in Hackney, in and around N1, etc. Please enquire for more information.