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Head Trainer, Personal Trainer
Shazia, an experienced female personal trainer, specializes in strength training, muscle building, and fat loss. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, and whether your goals involve gaining muscle, enhancing strength, losing weight, or improving stamina, Shazia can create a tailored workout plan to help you achieve your objectives. Passionate about empowering women, Shazia intimately understands the mental and physical impact of struggling with weight. Having overcome her own challenges, she empathizes with her clients' journeys. This personal experience drove her to become a personal trainer, dedicated to helping women achieve fitness and confidence. A strong advocate for strength training, she guides women in integrating it into their routines. Recognizing the importance of nutrition, Shazia is also a certified nutrition coach, coaching clients on healthy eating habits and smarter choices.

Shazia is a female personal trainer who has experience in helping individuals with strength training, building muscle and fat loss. Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level and your goals are to build muscle and strength or to lose weight and build stamina, Shazia can help guide you through a tailored workout plan to help achieve your goals.