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Personal training in Chelmsford

Have you been looking for a brand new personal training experience in Chelmsford? Unlike many big gyms each personal trainer has ample time to plan and design your exercise routine within a luxury gym setting. A fitness space built for one to one training means never having to wait for others or stand in ques for equipment.

What makes our studio Unique in Essex?

We have radically improved what it means to have an exclusive and private experience with a trainer. Each PT Workspace features a modern and luxury feel for you and your trainer. Our Proven methods of smart modern equipment with classic resistance training allows you to reach your exercise goals.

Personal training is tailored for lasting results.

Each trainer in Chelmsford is hand-picked to suit your training goals. Many of them are the most successful trainers to have left the largest gym chains to run successful business partnerships with PT Workspace Essex. Guidance is given to each client to maximise results and create an atmosphere of enjoyment and fun.

Strength Training


  Posture & Conditioning

Injury Rehab


  Toning and Shape

  Muscle growth



Nutritional guidance


  Health Assessment

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Luxury & Bespoke Experience.
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