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Brand New gym space TO TRAIN YOUR CLIENTS?

We believe each trainer has the ability to reach more customers, deliver better results and improve earning potential. Many trainers work tirelessly for the large gym chains and receive little to no support or rewards. We support hardworking trainers with client referrals, luxury gym space, and competitive rental packages.


Change can be scary ,but we will help you transition to PT Workspace if you need help or guidance


Flexible packages with no hidden fees


Book all your sessions easily with our user friendly booking app


Build your client base from our private personal training studio


Train who you want, when you want


Work alongside like minded individuals, passionate about the fitness industry

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How it works. #Letsgrowtogether

Within our business model we have established a unique relationship between trainers and our workspaces. We offer rental packages and supportive memberships to help your grow your personal training business.

PT PARTNER® Memberships

Exclusive founder offers available to new trainers today
First 15 Trainers registered

Free month rental with your clients 

Access to new client leads (Worth £400 per month)

Train yourself at our space (only available to select trainers)

Mentorship & Business support

Exclusive merchandise for your clients

Don’t miss out on our Founders Offers *

Flexible Packages
Per Hour


We have taken the time to build a system that offers personal trainers top-of-the-range equipment and freedom to grow their business. Our PT Workspaces are avaliable to hire as part of of filming & content marketing alongside your client sessions. Our fitness rental model allows flexibility for a pay as you go and save on your margins. You can also join our Business Builder plans to up-skill yourself and gain access to local clients waiting to start personal training.

The best place to grow your Business

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Where is the gym space?

Within 5 Mins walk of Chelmsford Station