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The intention to create change for trainers...

Making the industry a better place for personal trainers to grow their own business. Lifting standards will in turn lift the industry, making it a better place for all who work and train within it. #LetsGrowTogether

Founded by Trainers

Time for change has come with unscrupulous gyms charging extortionate rates, have trainers pushing up their prices. Making it more unattainable than ever before for the general public who need the support. Personal training has risen 30% since 2005 with PT’s taking home less than half their rates. Alongside parks charging for recreational space, the industry is in complete disarray with nowhere left to turn and little left to take home. PT Workspace aims to put a stop to this, by restoring trust & faith lost in the fitness community. Founder Nathan Drury-Ellis states that “PT’s deserve better and we are here to provide it for trainers and clients”. PT Workspace has scrapped fixed monthly overheads and designed a system to allow trainers to rent space that matches the flexibility of their business. Offering consistent rewards and first time offers to all who join the PT community, which is easily done through their website & booking app. Off-setting the cost for personal trainers will save clients money. A new era of personal training is dawning and PT Workspace is leading the way!


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