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Trainer - Ridhwaan Zina

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Ridhwaan Zina

Ridhwaan Zina

Personal Trainer
Ridhwaan has been a fitness and sports enthusiast since as far back as he can remember. One of the sports he is most associated with is cricket which he has been at both amateur and semi professional level since childhood. He is also highly proficient at a variety of other games and sports. Some of the highlights of his career include his own physique and fitness transformations and he is now eager to pass his knowledge and enthusiasm for sports and fitness onto others.

North London Personal Trainer Ridhwaan Zina

We all have different goals when it comes to our fitness and wellbeing. It could be you want to run your first marathon, lose weight, gain muscle or recover safely from an injury. To get through the day without feeling exhausted, whatever the challenge may be, you will increase your chance of remaining fit and lead a much healthier, happier lifestyle by having me, RZ, on board.

First and foremost, I want you to flourish. Nothing gives me more of a thrill than seeing my clients achieve their goals.

I will not only motivate and point you in the right direction but make you feel comfortable in learning how to perform a range of exercises and what to avoid eating, meaning I will create bespoke workout and nutrition programs specially suited to meet the requirements of your goal.

You will finish training sessions with a renewed sense of purpose, for sure.

Furthermore, you won’t be alone! This notion of helping, supporting and training you, will bring progression and guaranteed results that you will be proud of.

Within weeks you’ll be looking and feeling better than ever. When the going gets tough – and it will – I’ll be there to help you dig deep and find the determination you need to keep going.

I hold 2 years of successful personal training experience; continuously working with clients from all walks of life with all sorts of needs, such as weight loss, endurance sports, and conditioning. I work to provide and plan distinctive personal training sessions for my trainees, and professionally, we do meet our goals. My passion and dedication for fitness are immense, in that I like to lead by example, so, I am more conscious of you meeting your goals than you will be.

Moreover, my qualifications in the fitness industry denote my level of knowledge, enthusiasm, and self-awareness in fitness training. This not only demonstrates my willingness to guide you but gives you an idea of my sheer determination and motivation to excel.

I aspire to maintain an inquiring mind, therefore, as a qualified exercise and fitness  professional recognised by CIMPSA – (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity), I like to keep up to date with the fitness industry, adapt, meet like-minded people and work to make my training sessions enjoyable and results orientated. What are you waiting for?

Ridhwaan Zina is avaliable through PT Workspace for personal training in Islington, personal training in Angel, personal training in Old Street, personal training in Dalston, personal training in Hackney, in and around N1 etc. Please enquire for more information.