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Trainer - Khai

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Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach
Khai’s philosophy and focus is building that essential mind-muscle connection, effectively developing the foundation in improving movement and performance mechanics, injury-free. He can help you improve your quality of life through movement and exercise, excel in your athletic discipline or your personal fitness journey.

Personal Training

Khai’s love of being active and athletic began at a young age competing in Track & Field events in his hometown of Hong Kong. With extensive experience as a Personal Trainer, his interest and passion to further his knowledge led to him becoming a Strength & Conditioning coach. As well as recreational athletes, he has since trained the likes of national tae-kwon-do champion, D1 soccer player, D2 American football player to name a few.

He can help you lay down the foundation to becoming a stronger you at home, in the gym, or on the field!


Khai is available through PT Workspace for personal training in Islington, personal training in Angel, personal training in Old Street, personal training in Dalston, personal training in Hackney, in and around N1 etc. Please enquire for more information.