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Personal Trainer
Claire is a leading international personal trainer, nutritionist and female empowerment coach plus leading motorsport performance coach, working with drivers, motorbike riders and teams at all levels. With over 20 years of international experience across Europe, UK, Australia, and NZ, Claire has a wealth of knowledge and proven results plus a huge passion to inspire and motivate clients to achieve their desired transformation. Claire now works one to one with clients locally as well as globally via her online fitness and nutrition app. Claire has also competed and was 2 x Miss Sydney and Australian Nationals Runner up in Figure category, have a race licence, and is the author of 2 books – The Winning Physique and The Winning Formula.

I have worked within heath and fitness for over 20 years and am incredibly passionate about empowering clients to achieve their desired fitness goals. I take the headache out of knowing what to eat and teach clients how and when to eat. I provide the inspiration and motivation that keeps clients accountable to doing what they have said they want to do and work through progressive training plans to get them there.

I empower women to feel confident in themselves, no matter what their age and work with women pre and post children using weight training as a fundamental part of their training along with mindset coaching to break down barriers holding them back.

I work with elite athletes looking to get that slight edge by tapping into their key drivers to push through their physical and mental barriers to improve their performance and ultimately results whilst paying attention to their overall wellbeing with a holistic and synergistic focus.