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Personal Trainer
Alex is a Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer and certified Health Coach. He works with clients who want to improve their health and fitness by helping them achieve their individual goals. Whether it’s to add muscle mass, lose body fat, increase strength and conditioning or improve health and vitality, he can help.

Personal Training with Alex Cater

In my former life in the corporate world I was so concerned with working hard and proving myself that my own health and fitness goals got put on the back burner. Stressed, tired and out of shape. I was more concerned about climbing the corporate ladder than I was about how I was feeling or looking. I had forgotten about something that is very important to me, my own self-care. Finally, I had had enough.

I went on a mission to get myself back in shape and improve my health, which led me to discover CrossFit. It did the trick and I had a newly discovered passion, which I decided to explore further by attending a CrossFit coaching course. Obtaining a Personal Trainer qualification closely followed this. I decided to add to my knowledge by attending a CrossFit Mobility course, which helped me to understand how to correct muscle imbalances that most people suffer from through living a sedentary life. I wanted to put all of this knowledge to good use and began coaching people straight away.

I loved helping people get back into shape, it was incredible to view the transformations but I noticed that some clients weren’t achieving their results at the same rate as others. I soon realised that people’s lifestyle factors, nutrition, stress management, mental state, sleep etc. played a huge role in ones overall shape. I decided to become a certified Health Coach so that I could help clients achieve not just their ideal body composition goals but do so in a way that improved their overall health.


Alex Cater is avaliable through PT Workspace for personal training in Islington, personal training in Angel, personal training in Old Street, personal training in Dalston, personal training in Hackney, in and around N1 etc. Please enquire for more information.