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Kombat and Conditioning

Class / Boxing, Cardio, Endurance, Kicking, Power, Tone Up, Weight Loss

About Kombat and Conditioning

Our brand-new Kombat and Conditioning class brings two worlds together. The world of top-line boxing and kickboxing equipment and cardiovascular conditioning. Take a 45-second bout kicking and punching our Aqua water punch bag and jump onto an Assault bike and Ski ergs to let those arms and legs feel the burn. The Combat Conditioning class is often viewed as hybrid metabolic training and technical combat practice. Each session will carry a variety of combat training practices for all levels. If you’re looking to let off steam, learn a few new skills and have a serious workout then this is the class for you.

  • Striking and technicals skills
  • Box and Kicking specific
  • Modern metabolic equipment
  • Specialist circuit design

This class is beginner-friendly and features some basic striking fundamentals, does not require self-defense or experience with types of martial arts.

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