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How to improve Personal Training Consultations

November 7, 2017
How to improve Personal Training Consultations

How to improve consultation practices as Personal Trainer


Personal Training Consultations

To turn any consultation into a paying client it first comes down to how comfortable they feel with you. This can be split into numerous different things, firstly feeling comfortable and confident that you can deliver what they want from their training. Secondly that you are the right person to get them to their goal. The first consultation is key to proving to your potential client that you are all of these things. If you can impress your client enough you are sure to set the path for a business relationship going forwards.

So, what are the best ways to build rapport with your client during the initial consultation?


 1. Be Friendly and ask open ended questions


Yes, surely this is an obvious one but it’s important to mention. When your client arrives, ensure you go to the door to greet them with a positive, friendly attitude. Introduce yourself and show them around the asking open ended questions, such as ‘what type of training have you done previously?’ and ‘Which gyms have you trained at before?’, which will allow them to relax and chat to you before the proper consultation begins. Make sure your client is put at ease and create an environment that is relaxing.


2. Listen to them

Ask about their health and fitness history and make notes.This shows the client you genuinely want to help them in a personal way, rather than giving them a basic plan made for anyone. Once you fully understand their health history you can help craft a informative response. Consultations are inherently as they are worded consultancy practices not a pitch, use the opportunity to find information that will help structure your own explanation on how you can support them with there fitness goals.


3.Breaking down barriers

With any sales situation often the most important factor is that you find the key barrier that could prevent a client feeling comfortable to work with you. Listed above is “listen to them”, this is simple but often the most difficult. To listen you must also find detailed information and concentrate on the conversation at hand, it is easy to plan ahead during conversations looking for the right opportunity to pitch yourself. Conversations during consultations is about gathering further information that can often be personal and build rapport with positive and insightful solutions to problems they may have faced previous in their fitness journey prior (everyone has one) to meeting yourself. Always acknowledge you may have a list of great ways to help them but listen for what is important to them as an individual.


4. Goal Setting


Remember, this is the MAIN reason they have come to see you, so it’s a very important part. Listen cafefully and again make notes of what they say and offer suggestions that could get them there. For example if a lady is saying she wants to grow her legs and bum, you could say, ‘Perfect, there are so many leg exercises that I know which are very effective at building up the muscles in your quads, glutes and hamstrings, which I know would work wonders for your body type.’ It is your utmost importance to really understand their goals and let them know your plan to get them there. Reaffirm any reservations they have about personal training and assure them that you have a history of helping clients reach goals.


4. Motivation

Perhaps you have clients that have achieved something similar? If so it might be worth talking or showing them their results as a way of motivating your potential client further. Talk about your method of training and why it would be the perfect method to help them hit their goals and make sure above anything else you leave them feeling excited and motivated that it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to reach. If it’s not a likely goal, it is best to be honest straight away. However, rather than simply saying no it’s not going to happen – try and change their goal to something more realistic and give them a time frame that you think it could be possible for them to hit it in.


5. Statistics and costs

During the consultation you can choose to take their measurements, fitness tests,  before photos, weight and e-mail for your records. They will already be feeling motivated about training from your chat and the subtle reminder of why they are doing it will hit them again during the statistic taking process.

Once you’ve secured all the information you need, it’s time to give them your package prices. At this point it is important to have already decided what you want to charge. Give them your typical price point of a session and wait for their response, if it seems out of their budget perhaps offer a smaller package or a slight reduction if it suits you. You don’t want to lose a client but at the same time it’s important to know your worth and not under-cut yourself. After they’ve left follow up with an e-mail letting them know it was great to meet them and you hope to help them get on track to achieving their goal soon. Many sales situations you can talk yourself down or even out of a package with a client. Allow the client to make up their mind and proceed accordingly always respecting any conversations that may include slight haggling.Often the most uncomfortable but highly recommended technique is to offer your packages and price list remain quiet.


We hope these tips have helped you. Good luck at that consultation!


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