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How to market yourself as a PT (personal trainer) in the busiest time of the year

January 18, 2018
How to market yourself as a PT (personal trainer) in the busiest time of the year

How to market yourself as a PT

New Year, New Resolutions, New Clients?  Fantastic if you are one of the really organised (and lucky) Personal Trainers who have started the New Year with your diary full of the training sessions arranged for your existing and new clients.  However, if you are not yet in this position, how can you market yourself and your skills and retain or find new clients who require Personal Training?

As the buzz of Christmas and the New Year fades many Personal Trainers are busy getting their clients back into shape after the holidays and looking at ways to attract new clients.  It can be difficult to get motivated to go to the gym to train whilst the weather is cold and dark so it is important for us as Personal Trainers to keep our clients interested and enthusiastic as well as happy so that you can continue to grow your PT business.
If you are looking to build up your clientele during this busy season here are our top tips to help!


Building good rapport with your current clients, helping them feel comfortable and being friendly and approachable is vital when marketing yourself as word of mouth goes a long way. Let your current clients know that you will be taking on new clients in the new year and even say that you can give them a free or discounted session for each recommendation!  Or even recommend you both come together for a free taster session.


During the taster session you should ask open ended questions about the client’s lifestyle and fitness, find ways of showing how you can help them but not in a way that makes the prospective client feel defensive – many people are nervous about Personal Trainers, after all you are the epitome of the fit and healthy lifestyle goal they are aiming for!



Listen to your new and existing clients’ goals and their concerns and take them seriously. If you can give them realistic examples of how you can help them reach their goals then you will have the opportunity to keep that client through different stages of their training.  After all, exercise and health is a lifestyle that will alter as needs change.  This is an opportunity to keep clients after their initial goals have been achieved.  Talk about the next set of goals, keeping them realistic and you will find you can retain them through the different cycles.


Keep notes that will help you plan the clients’ fitness routine and make it customer specific – explain why certain exercises/routines will be used.  This indicates you are treating the customer as special with their own personal plan – not one that could be given to just anybody.



Don’t be shy – if you have good results from other clients that you have documented or photographed, then show them.  If you have a website put the photos on it, email your existing clients with updates and healthy tips.  If you have recommendations from your  clients then put them on your webpage and use social media to your advantage, if you are in really good shape sometimes clients will feel a world away from you, but seeing you get another client slightly more relatable to them in shape, will boost their motivation and definitely help.  Above all, keep it professional!



Try offering packages of your training sessions and discounts if the client takes a number of sessions.  Or consider discounting the first one or two sessions in a “Try it and See” incentive. Contact your existing and old clients and offer their friends a reduced price first session and as a thank you, a discounted price session for the old client – which may result in new clients and the return of old clients!

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